Final Team of the Year Standings 2016

Congratulations to all who fished the tournament.

First place

Defibaugh and Erb

Second place

Stalling and Stalling

Picture to be added

Third place

Christ and Wolf

Fourth place

Myers and Burdette

Fifth place

Gearhart and Christ Jr.

Sixth place

Finigan and White

Seventh place

Sanderson and Funk Jr.

Eighth place

Gaines and Lingg



Incoming Funds

Memberships $1125.00

Late  $475.00

Hold Back   $410.00

(No Hold Back at Indian Lake by mistake)

Total: $2010.00



4 Qualifier plaques     $916.80

Championship plaques  $287.40

Batteries       $7.63

Hoover Lake Fee    $25.00

Total: $1236.83


Funds: $2010.00

minus Expenses:  $1236.83

Total: $773.17

plus $50.00 Late fee championship

Total: $823.17

Hold Back: $360.00

Total: $1183.17

Dinner:  141.45

Total for Team of the Year:  $1041.72







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