Thank you to all of the awesome anglers that fish our tournaments. Not only are you guys good "sticks", but you all are a bunch of great guys to fish with. Good times, great memories. We appreciate the fact that you take time out of your busy schedules to fish. We know it can be tough to fit everything in. A HUGE THANK YOU, to all the wives and girl friends out there that sacrifice time with these guys to have them fish with us. You are all gems, and we really appreciate you

Team of the year 1st place Stalling/Stalling

Team of the year 2nd place (tie) Mortimer/Gilroy

Team of the year 2nd place (tie) Downey/Downey

Team of the year 2nd place. We had a tie. Downey/Downey/ Mortimer/Gilroy

Team of the year 3rd place Comer/Bowser

Team of the year 4th place Kemper/Wasilenski

Team of the year 5th place Cody/Lason

Team of the year 6th place Steve/Forest

Team of the year 7th place Conley/Dunlap

Championship big fish both days Cody/Lason

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